Wellington Church of Christ
Our church family that meets in the Capital.

Apologetics Press
A site dedicated to the study of Christian evidences.

Bible ABC
A user-friendly online Bible without all the ads found on other sites. Several translations are available.

Christian Courier
An online journal "dedicated to the investigation of biblical doctrine, Christian evidences, and ethical issues."

Forward Is Backward
A site that challenges all Bible believers to go back to the one body and one faith of Scripture. 

Gospel Broadcasting Network
A site that streams video Bible studies 24/7. Users can also watch archived lessons over various Bible topics.

House to House Heart to Heart
A place where you can study the Scriptures, ask questions, download books, listen to lessons, and watch videos in the comfort of your home.

Killing of Jesus
This story of life, love, compassion and sacrifice but also of evil, betrayal and treachery is told by Glenn Colley in a story-telling format.

Moore Perspective
A blog dedicated to "defending the integrity of the Bible and analysing its contents."

One Minute Sermons
Quick, inspirational messages from God's word that can be read in about a minute.

Searching for Truth
A site dedicated to the spreading of the truth found in the pages of God's Word. Learn God's will for your life by watching these simple videos.

Sound Bible Studies
A site where one author writes on what he discovers as he studies the Bible.

Topical Bible Studies
A site dedicated to searching the Scriptures to learn God's will on various topics.

Truth for the World
A site dedicated to "taking souls from hearing to heaven" by way of text, audio, and video lessons.

We Are Radical
Porirua church's external blog, "bringing radical thoughts worth pondering."