2017 Queen's Birthday Weekend Camp

Theme: "Approved Servants: Accurately Handling the Word of Truth (2 Tim. 2:15)"
2-5 June 2017

This camp served as Bear Valley Bible Institute-New Zealand's first lectureship.

01. The Error of Unprincipled People (Kent O'Donnell)

02. Covenant Confusion (Lance Mosher)

03. The Silence of the Scriptures–Permissive or Restrictive? (Rod Kyle)

04. Case Study: The Thief on the Cross–Faith Alone? (Deo Asistol)

05. Case Study: Gender Roles in the Church, Home, and Society (Glen Gawe [men] | Dora Lavea [women]) (Not Recorded)

06. Case Study: Music in Worship (Jay Pahetogia)